Young Scholars of McKeesport Charter School provides a rigorous curriculum emphasizing math, science and reading in all grades. As a multi-cultural school, all students also have the opportunity to learn two world languages in addition to English. We integrate world cultures and technology in all grades, helping to make the school day fun yet structured. For students with limited English proficiency, we offer an comprehensive ESL program to help bring students up to necessary standards in reading and speaking English. For students with, with Special Needs, YSMCS is committed to providing equal opportunity, both in formal education and in extra-curricular activities, to disabled students and students with special needs through their Individualized Education Programs.

Positive Action, a unique program at YSMCS, is taught in K-8 grades and addresses ways to help students grow in responsibility, integrity and self-discipline. The program integrates positive values into every aspect of the school day, helping students learn to deal with problems proactively and become more confident.

Positive Action is based on the intuitive philosophy that we feel good about ourselves when we do positive actions. The essence of the program is to emphasize those actions that promote a healthy and positive cycle. The Positive Action program works through these concepts in a systematic way.

YSWPCS Language Program

Our vision is to create a new level of equity among students by introducing two world languages, in addition to English, that is inaccessible in the current or proposed offerings in the McKeesport Area School District.  With this multi-linguistic approach, all students will find themselves immersed in at least two new languages, in addition to English.

Below are some of these benefits:

  • Students who study another language not only have a powerful key to successful communication and understanding, but they also develop an insight into their own language and culture (Nugent, 2000).
  • Students develop a lifelong ability to communicate with people of other nationalities.
  • Students enjoy a greater overall school performance and increase their ability to learn other disciplines, such as mathematics.
  • Students who receive second language instruction when they are young are more creative and have superior problem-solving skills.
  • Students who learn a world language at an early age have access to a greater number of career possibilities and develop a deeper understanding of their own and other cultures.
  • Students who learn at least one other language early in life obtain a better native-like fluency and this gives them an edge in tomorrow’s workforce.
  • Students who are bilingual have an advantage over monolingual children when they leave school and score statistically higher on standardized tests.

Technology Integration

YSMCS uses technology to personalized education to increase learning drastically. The entire YSMCS community, faculty, students and administrators will be technologically literate and competent to access resources that open avenues for life-long learning.

Academic Enrichment Activities

As needs and interests surface, extra-curricular activities will be added to an initial compliment of anticipated activities which include: Science Club, Science Olympiad, Computer Club, Chess Club, Art Club, Drama Club, Family and Consumer Science Club, Soccer Club, and Student Council.

For those students who demonstrate the interest, opportunities are provided to participate in regional and national academic competitions. An atmosphere of “personal best” will prevail, with students encouraged to reach for excellence, within their potential. Current programs that YSMCS participates in include Math Counts, Science Olympiad, Multicultural Olympiad, Robotics and Odyssey of the Mind.

As a multi-cultural school, throughout the year, our entire school celebrates many world holidays including international winter holidays, Thanksgiving, and holidays celebrated in other countries. Some of these activities take place in the early evening, and may include ethnic food and music. Parents, teachers, staff and students really enjoy these social gatherings where they can get to know each other better at a fun event.

Academic Standards

YSMCS aligns all-curricular content to the PA Academic Standards using PA SAS tool, as required by law.

Here is a listing of the “The Pennsylvania Academic Standards” that we follow:

 The Pennsylvania Academic Standards

Please click here for PA academic standards