Positive Action is a systematic educational program that promotes an intrinsic interest in learning and encourages cooperation among students. It works by teaching and reinforcing the intuitive philosophy that you feel good about yourself when you do positive actions.

The effects of the program range from increased academic achievement to dramatic reductions in problem behaviors. These results have been replicated in diverse settings and feature the most rigorous efficacy study designs available.

For more than 30 years, Positive Action has been helping educators around-the-world create positive learning environments for their students

The Positive Action program features scripted lessons that are easy to prepare and teach. All of the materials called for in each lesson are included in a Kit. These materials include posters, games, worksheets and puzzles.

There is a Kit for each grade level. A lesson takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. There are approximately 140 lessons per Kit with materials for 30 students. Training is not necessary but is recommended for larger implementations.

The scope of the Positive Action program has been expanded to include other important components. There are Kits for School Climate, Counselors, Community and Family members.

Positive Action has also developed supplementary Kits that are intended to complement the main Kits. The Drug Education and Bullying Kits provide additional lessons for these topics.

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